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Golden Notes to the Entrepreneur from Ali Yücelen in Trademark Festival

Ali Yücelen, Chairman of Board of Management of Yücelen Group, met young entrepreneurs in Ankara Trademark Festival, told them about entrepreneurship and gave guiding advices…

“Ankara Trademark Festival”, first held this year by Ankara Chamber of Commerce, has started. On the very first day of the hotly anticipated festival; Ali Yücelen, Turkey Young Entrepreneurs Association High Advisory Board Chairman, gave golden clues to young entrepreneurs. The Festival, which aims to make Ankara a trademark city, started holding 64 famous names that had become trademarks around the world and Turkey. Spokesperson Ali Yücelen gave advices to young entrepreneurs and told them about entrepreneurship in his speech which was listened with interest on the opening day of the Festival.

Yücelen, who has stated that according to a research, 32 persons in 100 have the intention of operating in entrepreneurship in the following three years, also said “An entrepreneur potential exists in our country but it is hard to make it real. We cannot create innovator mind or entrepreneurship by only laws and regulations; it is necessary to crate entrepreneurship ecosystem”.


Yücelen, who spoke about the existence of funds that support entrepreneurs in Turkey, told that they support young ideas by the company they have founded under the name of “Girişim Türk” as TUGIAD (Turkey Association of Young Businessmen). Yücelen, who said that the biggest lack of young entrepreneurs is self-expression, advised that to his listeners: “We do not know about selling what we produce. One of he biggest lack of young entrepreneurs is expressing their ideas. We must certainly have an education about self-expression and presentation. It is not necessary to confront creating a trademark from the point of investors while deciding an investment. If there is an opportunity to create a difference, even purchasing a trademark that has established itself abroad can take you before others. But we also have conservatism about that too. It is not about protecting country’s economy. The important thing is to provide added value to country and dedicating that to the service of our economy.”


Ali Yücelen, who emphasised that innovator entrepreneurship and freedom of thought are terms that feed from each other, said, “It is not possible for us to create entrepreneurship ecosystem without freedom of thoughts”. Yücelen completed his thoughts saying, “I closely see that many of the youths in our country are determined about entrepreneurship. I hope that necessary help will be provided for them, the way will be paved and the economy based on construction, estate and agriculture that produces table food with no added value leaves its place completely to economy based on entrepreneurship. I hope that in the following days the structural problems will be solved and our trademarks will start sprawling around the whole world.”

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