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Camp of Support for Our Girls: “STEM”

We held the Mersin camp of the “STEM” project, named by Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar who has a Nobel Prize, in order to raise our girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Mersin camp of project “Aziz Sancar Girls in STEM” (STEM for girls’ education) was organised by Harriet Fulbright with support of TUGIAD. Ali Yücelen, Chairman of TUGIAD Chairman of High Advisory Board and Yücelen Group Chairman of Board Management, noticed that the key of the key of Ataturk’s words “Our true mentor in life is science” on his speech on the first day session where Gökhan Çakmak, CEO of Harriet Fulbright, was in charge.

“Prof Dr Aziz Sancar Girls in STEM” (Education camp for girls) Mersin education camp, where Prof Dr Aziz Sancar who had the first Nobel Prize of Chemistry as a Turk was considered as a role model, has started in Mersin University Cultural Center.

6th grade girls, their parents and tutors have attended the camp that was organised as the second term of the project, which was supported, by Association of Young Businessmen Turkey (TUGIAD) and Yücelen Group.

The name of Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar, who had the Nobel Prize of Chemistry was given to the project which was started with the purpose of providing a development to the realised problem that our country is highly behind the world about the education of girls in Turkey, as a role model. The importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the education of firstly girls and every youth in order to have Turkey improved and flourish was emphasised by the Project where the importance of STEM, meaning “Science technology engineering and mathematics”, was mentioned in the perspective of developing the skills of the 21st century.

Ali Yücelen, Yücelen Group Chairman of Management Board and TUGIAD Chairman of High Advisory Board, told that the idea of seeing our 6th grade girls as future science people excites him and his 6th grade student daughter has also applied the project too. Yücelen, who also stated that they are organising a painting, story and poetry contest every year in the memory of his father deceased Rüştü Kazım Yücelen, said that the most important key of success is love and he is hopeful that women can add love to science. Yücelen, reminding words of Ataturk “Our most important mentor in life is science”, also reminded the importance Turks had given to knowledge and wisdom for the whole time. Yücelen, saying that being on the 42nd row in all 65 countries is shameful as the children of a leader who says the most important mentor in life is science, also reminded that the average rate of engineers and science persons is 6,5 percent in UN but 2,5 in Turkey.

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