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They Told About Taurus Mountains, Took Their Prizes

Students; who ranked in the poetry, story, painting and creativity contest that was held for the third time this year about the topic of “The Taurus and the Environmental Consciousness” in memory of Rüştü Kazım Yücelen, a politician from Anamur who carried on important duties during his political life such as Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of State and Minister of Industry, took their prizes.

Many guests from the districts of Mersin have attended the ceremony held in Anamur Rüştü Kazım Yücelen Primary School, besides Yücelen family, students, their family and tutors.

The work of children from all the schools in Gulnar, Mut, Bozyazi, Aydincik and Anamur’s preschools, primary schools, secondary schools and highs schools were evaluated by judges that are awarded poet Barış Erdoğan, awarded child stories author Hüseyin Güney and painter Mine Kaplan. All of the works graded according to different age groups were then exhibited to visitors in Rüştü Kazım Yücelen Primary School after the ceremony.

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