He was born in Mersin/Anamur in 1974. Graduated from Bilkent University Department of Business. He had postgraduate study on finance in George Washington University. Then, he has completed his doctorate in Ankara University Faculty of Political Science.

Dr. Ali Yücelen, who was in service in distribution, oil wholesale and retail, logistics of land & sea, food, software, operational fleet rental and energy sectors with his investments, gathered his international education, working experiences and entrepreneurialism under the same roof of TUGIAD, founded in 1986 which is Turkey’s first national and only international organisation of young businessman, in 2006.

Dr. Ali Yucelen, was honoured as;

  • 2010-2012 TUGIAD Board Member,
  • TUGIAD Coordinator of the Branches of Ankara and Çukurova,
  • TUGIAD Board Chairman of 14th - 15th - 16th Terms.

In addition to these, he had carried the tasks of;

  • Chairman of the Semester of G20-YEA Alliance
  • Vice Presidency of JEUNE EUROPE
  • Vice Presidency of YES-Europe
  • Supreme Board Member of TOBB Young Entrepreneurs.
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